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'Portraits' is an ongoing series, drafting friends/family and colleagues.
'To religion the pancake sounds like the back of a car'
'The picture in the dark, sewing dots of candy'
'Daring to grow up while the spaceship eats cookies'
'Lovebirds ticking the rocket during a summer parade'
'Turning a circle, while cutting the page covered in lemon fruit'
'Lovebirds ticking the rocket during a summer parade'
'To do and not to do, jumping the bouncing ball remains unmeasured'
'Companionship of rubbing the kettle, swinging the reoccurring while the night is close to open up'
'Paddle to share what is important, not only to the sawdust'
'Climb up while throwing a feather to stick on the excitement'
'Rosé is the new black'
'If you have no idea, ask a friend'
a more detailed memoir
writings I draw
'When the Schnoddel drinks Fanta at eleven in the morning'
'Hard to animate, but once they are on it...'