'pipe constellation'
I used the pipe-system which transported seeds from the top floor to the ground floor of the factory. The moment the visitor enters the exhibition he/she can take a jute bag which is hanging next to the entrance at a wall. The bags contain stones/dust from in and around the building.
The visitor can now continue walking(carrying the bag) through the exhibition. As the visitor reaches the top floor, he/she should empty the bag into the pipe-system. The spot, where to unload the bag, was marked by two signs, which were also used as a hanging-system for empty bags.
This installation brings back the element of sound – generally associated with the act of labor – into the factory by using the pipe-system together with the indirect (that is to say: less obvious) labor of the visitor. It is a irregular sound of bumping stones and sliding sand, creating a surreal atmosphere for the other visitors still approaching the top floors of the building.
The visitor was not able to contextualize the sound immediately, which is actually produced by other visitors.
The secret reveals itself when u reach the top floor.
On one hand I find it very important to include the visitor into the reenactment, which they don't know about in the first place. On the other hand I want to re-implement a very important part of the character of a factory: its sound.

Palmfiction Berlin DE
wood, metal funnel, metal hooks, jute bags, using existing pipe system
supported by Fonds BKVB