'NEBULIUM' NGC 7841-7847

Drawing on vases exchanges the paper for porcelain and frees the drawing from its conventional materiality and dimensionality. The projection of fictitious, fantastic interiors is combined with the spatial form and bellyiness of the vase. The drawings - object-like, geometric, abstract miniatures - nestle against the existing floral patterns with deliberate dominance. The vase is changing, it's not a blank page. It sets conditions. Taking up what is already there in a playful manner, making the former ornamental character of the vase unrecognisable. The vase drawings are part of that personal process and interest in defining the laws of human perception. We have always been in a curved space and the construction of two-dimensional surfaces for drawings is a manipulation of perception. A spatial drawing, however, demonstrates that we never see our world in its entirety, that we always only perceive perspectives and imagine the rest. In the process of drawing, the artist also evades the totality. Instead, these objects are created as collages of glances: always new, always contextualized.

unicum, various dimensions, recycled vase, ceramic paint
'NGC 7842'
'NGC 7843'
'NGC 7841'
'NGC 7844'
'NGC 7845'
'NGC 7846'
'NGC 7847