‘My Space, Your Space, Our Space: My Space’
The project took place from March 6 to June 6, 2010 at exhibition space Roodkapje in Rotterdam.
During this period I worked daily on four spatial interventions,
which developed through a constant dialogue between each other.
One part of this project was that I invite a person to give a lecture / presentation about his/her professional / research / fascination / passion about themes that mean a great inspiration for my work and to offer a more broadly understanding of my installation.
The space was continuously open to the public.

The working title ‘My Space, Your Space, Our Space: My Space’ explains the process that is most dear to me: a personal engagement with a specific place, which is translated into sensory materials – materials that in some way evoke a more intense physical reading of the world around us. This manifests itself in a new space (My Space), a space based upon an interpretation of senses which invites viewers to enter into a dialogue with me through the work. The fact that this approach is not directly anecdotal – that is to say, that my works are not literal translations of my personal feelings or memories – allows for multiple interpretations and experiences. It can therefore be seen as an invitation (Your Space). My experience has been that in the process of creation temporary forms of collectivity begin to manifest themselves in the work and, as such, the work becomes a platform. This comes about as a result of my direct contact with visitors or viewers, in the way they share their presence in my work through words or simply by means of their physical attitude when they visit my space. Still, this is only the beginning: meeting others directly or just sharing their curiosity and sense of travelling creates new forms of social organisation within the work (Our Space). Every time this is a new form of experiencing my own work and my own space, as it transforms from private to public – into a space of temporary collective significance – but which is ultimately an experience that every individual, including myself and my audience, take back with them into their own private sphere of living (My Space).
Installation #1
Installation #2
Installation #3
Installation #4