'messy mind map'
In addition to the 'identity' which we ascribe ourselves as individuals; the central idea to this work is the everchanging identity that our environment creates and maintains. This conflict between what my environment demands of me and what I want is what I wish to point out in this work. Both artistic and personal considerations are part of the Messy Mind Map, which does not grow from one point, but constantly generates new 'central' points. This organic process, the rhizomatic thinking and working, is the foundation of this project.
The Messy Mind Map contains a strong inner contradiction. On the one hand, I use the technique of the mindmap, which has been developed to provide insight into complex information and to systematically organize around one central core. On the other hand, I follow the non-hierarchical principle of the rhizoom; appointed by the philosophers Deleuze and Guattari, that actually wants to break with this classical idea of reduction.
The technique is that of the reduction to a central idea or core issue, but the implementation is to loose ones way; ever new key points appear. The attempt to clarify results in chaos, a misjudgment, an escape, whereby an overview became impossible.
The project was opened with a performance in which five people read out loud from the Messy Mind Map. Each person started half a minute after the other. The changing pace and rhythm of the words yielded breathtaking music. (see recording below)

performers: Jonas Staal, Esme Valk, Uli Westphal and the artist duo Vroegop-Schoonveld
Audio Recording
Uli Westphal
Jonas Staal
Esme Valk