Sabrina Basten lives and works in Berlin. Her artistic practice takes a multi-disciplinary approach, using sculpture, drawing and storytelling to create installations and happenings. She carries out long-term research and seeks out ways to create connections and intimacy between people, held knowledge and memory. Basten obtained her degree from AKI Academy of Fine Arts in Enschede and lived and worked in the Netherlands until 2012. Her work has been part of international solo and group exhibitions including ‘Haptic Interface’-The Hong Kong House in Sydney; 'Art Hack Day’-Transmediale Berlin; ‘ Paulo Post Futurum’ -Breda Art Museum; ‘Miss Baltazar's Laboratory’ -Museumkwartier Vienna; Maker Fair Shenzhen China. She has been awarded the BKVB Startstipendium grant and project grant DKC/visual arts and the O&O/research and development fund. Basten has previously held artist residencies at: CFA in India (2003), Bookville in the United Kingdom (2005), Lokaal 01 in Belgium (2006), Weise 7 in Germany (2011) and Pension Almonde in The Netherlands (2020).
Basten will be a scholarship recipient at the renowned European Ceramic Center Sundaymorning@ekwc
(during the summer of 2021).

Sabrina Basten is the co-founder of Roger 10-4, a collective exploring forms of wearable electromagnetic sniffing devices. She is also the co-founder of the writers-blog The Secret Dairy Of Somebody Else (2014-ongoing) and Conversas Berlin (2016-ongoing) a weekly series of informal meetings conversing about topics related to art, architecture, journalism, music and science.
AKI, academy for autonomous art & design, Enschede, monumental art




Conversas Berlin (2016-ongoing)
Roger 10-4
The Secret Dairy Of Somebody Else (2014-ongoing)
a more detailed memoir
writings I draw
Contact mail(at)sabrinabasten(dot)com
Solo exhibitions

2018 Rotterdam Art and Radio, Live Sound Piece, curated by Joshua Thies, Rotterdam The Netherlands
2016 Audio-Visual Storytelling, Monasteraki, Montreal Canada
2016 Audio-Visual Book Presentation, 25hours Hotel Bikini, Berlin Germany
2016 Book Launch Seit wann kann man hier tanzen, Gallery Hommes, Rotterdam The Netherlands
2015 You do not wear flip-flops to work, PicaPica, Berlin Germany
2014 Anything that affects an effect is a factor of that effect, 48h Neukoelln, Berlin Germany
2012 #8 DOK art library, Delft The Netherlands
2012 #6, Grote Vitrine, Centrum Beeldende Kunst, Rotterdam The Netherlands
2012 Portraits/Drawings, Gallery Hommes, Rotterdam The Netherlands
2011 Animation as Gravity, Blue Episode/Galerie 10, Domstraat 3, Utrecht The Netherlands
2010 600, Id11 op_LOCATIE De Telefooncel, Oude Delft 140, Delft The Netherlands
2010 My Space, Your Space, Our Space: My Space, Installation-project, Roodkapje, Rotterdam The Netherlands
2008 Saturated, Galerie Hommes, Rotterdam The Netherlands
2007 Messy Mind Map, Argument, Tilburg The Netherlands
2007 Untiled(Hexagon), De Verschijning, Tilburg The Netherlands
2006 Untitled(Antwerpen), Stichting Lokaal01, Antwerpen Belgium
2005 Lichtruis / Kruidhuis, Park van Haeften, assignment by the city of Apeldoorn The Netherlands

Group Exhibitions (selection)

2020 Conversas Berlin, season five, Haus der Statistik, Berlin Germany
2020 Art Rotterdam, Not For Profit Art Party, curated by Charlien Adriaenssens, Rotterdam The Netherlands
2019 Off the Grid, curated by Felix&Mumford at N52.3842392°, Amsterdam The Netherlands
2018 Counting Sleep, curated by Sarie Nijboer and Vincent Schier at Zönteka, Berlin Germany
2018 Silent auction at Studio Baustelle, curated by Studio Baustelle, Berlin Germany
2018 Conversas Berlin, season four (second half), different venues, Berlin Germany
2018 Waited for the Fish Corner, curated by Jannie Hommes at Gallery Hommes, Rotterdam The Netherlands
2018 Conversas Berlin, seaon four (first half), Showroom Popova, Berlin Germany
2018 Mitte Media Festival, curated by Leo Kuelbs, Fata Morgana, Berlin Germany
2017 Conversas Berlin, seaon two and three, Blogfabriek, Berlin Germany
2017 Silent auction at Studio Baustelle, curated by Studio Baustelle, Berlin Germany
2016 Conversas Berlin, season one, Kreuzberg Pavillion, Berlin Germany
2015 4th edition of the drawing rally curated by Joshua Thies, Witte de Withkwartier art festival, Rotterdam The Netherlands
2015 You haven't lost the key to the city, curated by Heiko Pfreundt, Kreuzberg Pavillon, Berlin Germany
2014 Community Clash #5, curated by Julia Bernaus, ArtConnect Berlin, Berlin Germany
2014 'Art Hack Day' Transmediale, curated by Kristoffer Gansing, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin Germany
2013 Haptic Interface, curated by Hong Kong House, Sydney Australia
2013 Datenspiel/Dataplay, curated by Daphne Dragona, Athens Greece
2013 Love Bazon hate Brock, curated by Heiko Pfreundt, Kreuzberg Pavilion, Berlin Germany
2013 Shen Zen Mini Maker Fair, Oct-Loft, Shenzhen China
2013 Durch die Nacht mit:, curated by E. vd Griend, E. Mitichkina, S.Basten, Köpenicker Studios, Berlin Germany
2013 The field began to expand only after a low-noise, curated by Luxus Loft, Schau Fenster, Berlin Germany
2012 Artfair RE-Rotterdam/Galerie 10, Rotterdam The Netherlands
2012 Portraits/Drawings, curated by Jannie Hommes, Gallery Hommes, Rotterdam The Netherlands
2012 Miss Baltazar's Laboratory, curated by Stefanie Wuschitz, Museumkwartier, Vienna Austria
2012 Eclectic Tech Carneval, Ljubljiana Slovenia
2011 Piksel Festival, curated by Gisle Froysland, Pikselhut, Bergen Norway
2011 Napravi Me, curated by Selena Savic, REX, Belgrade Serbia
2011 Liwoli, curated by Uschi Reiter, Kunstuniversitaet Linz, Linz Austria
2010 #5, curated White Elephant Collective, Pistoriusstrasse 142, Berlin Germany
2009 Windows 2009, curated by John Colenbrander, Club Attent, Rotterdam The Netherlands
2009 BEyond, curated by Theresa Iannotta, Duende, Rotterdam The Netherlands
2008 Palm Fiction, curated by White Elephant Collective Berlin Germany
2008 Rotterdam Art fair, curated by Art-Id, Las Palmas, Rotterdam The Netherlands
2007 Paulo Post Futurum. 25 jaar Lokaal 01, curated by Frederik Vergaert, Breda's Museum, Breda The Netherlands
2006 Ball of Fame, former Vitra Design Museum, Berlin Germany
2005 [He]art[break]hotel, curated by Kongsi, oude pijpenbuigerei van Stork, Hengelo The Netherlands
2005 Gold Passage, curated by Graeme Walker, Bookville, New Castle UK


2021 Artist in residence Sundaymorning@ekwc, Oisterwijk, The Netherlands
2020 Artist in residence Pension Almonde, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
2011 Artist in residence Weise7, Berlin, Germany
2006 Artist in residence Lokaal 01, Antwerpen, Belgium
2005 Artist in residence Bookville, New Castle, United Kingdom
2003 Artist in residence CFA, Trivandrum, India


2011 Project grant, O&O-subsidie Centrum Beeldende Kunst Rotterdam
2010 Project grant, DKC Gemeente Rotterdam Kunst en Cultuur
2008 Startstipendium, Fonds BKVB, Amsterdam
2008 Permanent installation, Laurens-Cadenza, Rotterdam, opened by the dutch Queen Beatrix


2020 Publication #4 Conversas Berlin
2018 Published story 'feeling' in Textur Mag, issue#1 'hospitality'
2017/2018 Publication #1 - #3 Conversas Berlin
2015 Art-Book 'Seit wann kann man hier tranzen', handmade, five stories and drawings, Berlin-Rotterdam
2013 Published illustration 'Een kostbaar Instrument - stemtraining bij de HvA' Hogeschool Amsterdam
2012 Spotlight interview for Art-connect Berlin,
2011 'Roger 10-4 @ Piksel', TV interview NRK, Bergen (Norway)
2011 'Hacking some coils into wearable' online interview by Body Pixel, Zagreb (Croatia)
2011 'Id11 op_Lokatie' project publication
2010 'my space, your space, our space: my space' project publication
2007 'Lokaal 01 Antwerpen 2006', book
2006 'artist made fashions, objects and events',
2006 'Projectspace',
2005 'building site',
2004 het gescheurde doek, radio-interview
2004 'wonderbaarlijk wollige winkel', article Tubantia, (NL)
2004 AKI eindexamencatalogus
2004 'chineese whisper', DVD project compilation
2003 'creating a surreal world', article The new Indian Express Weekend
2003 'sense infinite', article The new Indian Express
2003 'sense and sensibility', article The Hindu
2002 'Shaped Places', expositie catalogus

Teaching experiences and Projects

Conversas Berlin, (initiator/organizer) series of weekly informal meetings about art, science and knowledge, Berlin
IB DP exhibition concept and design, (course instructor) customized additional support from a professional perspective
for DP Art students, Berlin
The secret dairy of somebody else, (author) ongoing literary collaboration with artist Aino el Solh
Drawing collaboration, (course instructor), Atrium Berlin
Building an exhibition, (initiator/course instructor), Node Center for Curatorial Studies, Berlin
Roger 10-4 basic electronics, (co-founder/artist) ongoing collaboration with artist Audrey Samson
Un/Subordinate appendages, (visiting lecturer), Willem de Kooning Art Academy, Rotterdam

picture by Mladen Suknovic