The installation consists of nine projected animations in a former barbershop in Utrecht. It is a long room with walls on the left side and on the right side windows covered with mirrors (recycled). For this installation I used three Projectors projecting the animations onto the mirrors. Mirrors are used as lenses which increase the size of the projection and make it possible to project onto the opposite side. Like this the entire wall area on the left was in use. Due to the nature of the walls, such as corners and columns, the 2D animations turned into a 'moving wallpaper'. The animations are made in the classic 'hand-drawn' way.
These animations are part of an investigation of gravity, moving between three mediums. Installation, drawing and animation. Gravity is an indispensable detail in the production of my installations. In my drawings this law of gravity does not exist, the paper is a serene and weightless area where everything is possible. In this project I use the medium animation to see what influences gravity and time may have on the physical and mental space.

Blue Episode/Galerie10 Utrecht NL
11x3.5 meter
projector, black fabric, mirrors, computer (pure data)
PD development by Malte Steiner and Daniil Vassiliev