In an 8x6x7 meter room, a grid was constructed with wood and wire. This 7x5 meter grid was then suspended 4m above the ground. At each junction point on the grid, a 4m woolen thread was tied. 5332 threads were tied in total. Each thread was 7.5cm away from the next one. A passage into the center of the installation was created by tying up appropriate threads. Walking around the installation initially one experiences a phenomenon similar to driving by a wheat field. A strobing effect; being able to see through to the other side of the installation and having this clear view disrupted by thousands of different dyed thread. The contrasting colours of the different layers and groups of thread create a unique vibration, a blurred rainbow. If i move closer, stand still, immerse myself in the center of the stucture or even climb a ladder and view the work from above. I experience many unique perspectives. The threads all have their own texture and colour, there is a precise order to the structure and are grouped chromatically. With each new perspective there is a new experience and appreciation, whether it be one or five thousand, three hundred and thirty two threads.

Kongsi exhibition space Enschede NL
7x5x4 meter
colored wool, wooden frame, natural rope